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Sales Tax Information for the City of South Gate

During the June 2008 Special Election, the voters of the City of South Gate approved a one percent transactions and use tax. The sales tax rate will increase to 9.25% beginning October 1, 2008. It estimated that the tax will generate $7,000,000 annually, the proceeds from this tax will be used to maintain and improve City Services including, public safety, parks and recreation services, street maintanence, and other vital city services.

The new transactions and use tax must be charged on all tangible personal property that is delivered or placed into use within the South Gate City Limits.

If you are a Seller or a Purchaser, and need information about this new tax, contact the California State Board of Equalization, Local Revenue Allocation Unit at (916) 324-3000.

The following Board of Equalization publications can answer many question you may have about the new tax:

District Taxes (Sales) and Delivered Sales:

Tax Tips for Sales Taxes:

For information specific to a business or industry:

For additional information for sellers and purchasers:

Click here to view City Address Listing as of July 2008 for locations that are subject to the tax.

8650 California Avenue • South Gate, CA 90280 • (323) 563-9500