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Business Profile

A snapshot of the business environment in the City of South Gate, including major industries and employers.

City of South Gate Industry Profile
Industries # Employees
Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries 318
Mining 54
Construction 1,953
Manufacturing Non-Durable Goods 4,659
Durable Goods 7,754
Transportation 1,894
Communication and Other Public Utilities 499
Wholesale Trade 2,541
Retail Trade 5,190
Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate Services 1,369
Services Business and Repair Services 2,212
Personal Services 1,273
Entertainment and Recreation 353
Professional and Related Services Health Services 1,614
Education Services 1,375
Other Professional Services 1,013
Public Administration 517

The following table details the major employers in the City of South Gate and number of employees associated with each employer.

Major Employers (Source: City of South Gate)
Employer Product or Service Number of Employees
Koo's Manufacturing Denim Jeans 900
HUDD Transportation Services Trucking/Distribution 654
J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc. Trucking 523
World Oil Co. Fuel Distribution 450
Hon Industries, Inc. Office Furniture 340
International Window Windows/Doors 250
Shultz Steel Company, Inc. Metal Forging 232
Armstrong World Industries Floor Tiles 231
Pan Pacific Petroleum Asphalt Felts 230
Sam's Club Wholesale/Retail General Merchandise 200


The County of Los Angeles is the only agency which collects property taxes in South Gate. The tax rate is approximately 1.026 per every $ 100 of taxable value. Sales tax of 9.25 % is broken down as follows: 6 % (State's base rate); 2% (city's local share); .25 % (earthquake); 1 % (transportation - L.A. County only).

Business License Fees

Based on gross sales, current business license fees range from a minimum of $70 to a maximum of $3,000.

Industrial Sites

There are two major industrial sites in the City zoned for heavy manufacturing (M-3): the South Gate Business and Industrial Park, adjacent to the Alameda Corridor, which consists of approximately 90 acres (65 % is available for lease and development); and, 19 acres located on Firestone Boulevard, is adjacent to the Los Angeles River.

Land Costs and Lease Rates (source: Area Brokers and Bank of America Commercial Appraisal Group)

Industrial and commercial property costs vary based on location and age of improvements, but generally fall within the ranges shown below:


  • Price per square foot $6.50-$9.50 (Unimproved)
  • Monthly lease rate per square foot $.25-$.50


  • Price per square foot $7.00-$10.00 (Unimproved)
  • Monthly lease rate per square foot $.75-$1.45
8650 California Avenue • South Gate, CA 90280 • (323) 563-9500