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Animal Control ( SEAACA)

South East Area Animal Control Authority (SEAACA) is a public agency pursuant to Government Code 6500 and is organized by the Cities of Downey, Norwalk, Pico Rivera, Bell Gardens, Montebello, Paramount, Santa Fe Springs and South El Monte, otherwise known as the Joint Powers Agreement (JPA) cities. SEAACA also provides 24 hour animal control services on a contract basis to the City of South Gate and three (3) other cities in Los Angeles and Orange County.

Through contract agreement, the City of South Gate enjoys the benefit of a dedicated animal control officer assigned to the City of South Gate forty (40) hours per week to help provide a quicker response time during normal business hours. Outside of this 40 hour period when a dedicated officer is in the city, SEAACA still provides a 24/7 response for animal related calls.

SEAACA's animal control officers are trained in law enforcement pertaining to animal care and ownership. They enforce state and local ordinances, can issue citations, serve search warrants and make arrests. Important tasks also include:

· Investigating reports of animal abuse, neglect, and crimes

· Assisting prosecution of criminal animal cruelty

· Removing animals from dangerous conditions

· Rescuing injured and sick wildlife

· Responding to animal-bite reports

· Responding to reports of animals suspected of carrying infectious disease

Licensing Fees

The City of South Gate has established the licensing fees for the 2011/2012 fiscal year as listed below.


  • Unaltered $42.00
  • Dogs altered $21.00
  • Unaltered Senior $5.00
  • Altered $20.00
  • Altered Senior $5.00 (Unchanged)
  • Late Penalty $25.00
  • Replacement Tag $6.00
  • Eye Seeing Dog $6.00 (one time fee)
  • Wild Animal Lic. $61.00

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What Phone number do I call if I have questions about pet licensing?

Answer: (562) 803-3301 EXT 239

Question: How do I report confidential animal cruelty?

Answer: In an emergency call (562)803-3301 or log onto SEAACA's website at www.seaaca.organd report via e-mail including the following information: date of incident; description of what you observed; description of animal involved and persons involved; location of incident; your name, e-mail and phone number.

Question: What is the process for adopting a pet?

Answer: Before adopting ask yourself the following:

1. Do I have the resources to provide a loving home secure yard, proper food, fresh water and veterinary care?

2. Am I willing to make this commitment for the lifetime of the pet?

3. Does everyone in the household agree to the adoption of a new pet?

4. Will other pets in the household accept the new pet?

5. Will the children treat the new pet with respect and gentleness?

If you still want to adopt a pet, contact SEAACA at (562)803-3301 or visit them at 9777 Seaaca St, Downey, CA 90241

Question: How long is a lost pet kept at the SEAACA Shelter?

Answer: The animal is kept a minimum of five days, after which they can be made available for adoption.

Question: If I lose a pet in South Gate what shelters should I check with?

Answer: SEAACA 9777 SEAACA St. Downey CA Phone# (562)803-3301

L.A. County Animal Care and Control
11258 S. Garfield Ave. Downey CA Phone# (562)940-6898

Question: How do I report an injured or dead animal in a public place?

Answer: Call SEAACA at (562)803-3301 or after hours and holidays (562)940-6898

8650 California Avenue • South Gate, CA 90280 • (323) 563-9500